Industries & Expertise

Oil & Gas

From individual, remote producing wells to centralized production facilities to drilling fluid facilities, GCC has helped meet the many needs of Oil & Gas facilities near and far, onshore and offshore.


From the production of a highly customized, seldom produced product to mass production of a standardized commodity, GCC can help assist with services and products which compliment and streamline manufacturing.

Food & Beverage

From automation of packaging processes to controlling cooking operations, GCC understands the importance of reliable automation for the food and beverage industry and can aid in optimizing operations.


The GCC team is familiar with the numerous aspects of controlling various types of equipment used in wood production. From cutting and sorting to conveyance and packaging, GCC can help with your applications.

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Power Generation

From large power plants providing grid power to small generators for remote locations, GCC has the resources and experience needed to help support your next power generation application.


GCC’s engineers are experienced with a variety of combustion applications and are familiar with evaluating burner performance and ensuring emissions and operational requirements are met.


We're familiar with compression applications including sequestering CO2, gas lifting, pipeline transmission, or compression for utility purposes - reciprocating or rotary, engine or motor driven.


GCC’s engineers are familiar with a variety of processes and process equipment due to our diverse backgrounds. We understand the importance of optimizing throughput and minimizing downtime.